By David Aspinall

A driver was spotted asleep behind the wheel of a Tesla in rush hour traffic.

Venus Jove and her family were travelling up the northbound highway 101 in Belmont, California, just before 6pm on June 14 when they spotted an unusual sight.

A couple of lanes over, the driver of a white Tesla appeared to have his eyes closed as his car moved forward.

Getting closer, the driver can be seen slumped over with his head against the window, clearly asleep as traffic moved by him.

Venus said: “I couldn’t believe this guy.

“When we had passed him during traffic, I noticed him slumped over to the side and possibly sleeping.

“All lanes were stop and go and when we caught up with him, I looked again and realised he really was sleeping.

“I picked up my phone and recorded him.

“I watched him wake up for a few seconds and then fall back asleep.

“My dad merged to the lane next to him and honked.

“He woke up briefly, then fell back asleep again.”