Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

An adorable baby albino wallaby and her parents will hop, skip and jump their way into your hearts.

Sandra Munier, 25, currently has the pleasure of caring for a trio of incredibly cute wallabies in her home in Kronoberg, Sweden

The rare red neck albino family is made up of little baby Mahini, mum Nila and dad Shiro.

Pic By Sandra Munier / Caters News

The bright white trio make for a stark contrast compared their green wooded surroundings, but that doesn’t stop them from playing and frolicking with their brown wallaby counterparts.

Sandra has managed to capture footage of Mahini from being a small pink baby peaking her head out of her mother’s pouch, to the snow-white marvel she is today.

Sandra said: “The rare genetic mutation of the Red-Necked or Bennett’s Wallaby is the result of an imbalance of melanin which gives the creatures snow-white fur and pink eyes, claws and noses.

Pic By Sandra Munier / Caters News

“Everything I know about the animals I have learnt by being with them all the time, and you can’t learn that from a book.

“I couldn’t live without them, there is nothing like a life surrounded by animals where everyone has the same values.”