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This RIGHT van man has become the first person in Europe to build a fleet of commercial electric vehicles.

Eco-friendly car dealer Vic Young has invented a unique method of converting small electric Nissan box vans into taxis, ambulances, waste disposal trucks, pick-up trucks and refrigerated box vans.

The 73-year-old, from South Shields, Tyne and Wear, is now producing what he claims is the first fleet of fully electric commercial vehicles anywhere in the world.


Currently in full production after years of development, the company already has orders for thevans from across Europe including for fleets of ambulances and wheelchair access taxis.

Grandad Vic said: “The clock is ticking for everybody on emissions.

“Whether you like it or not, the way forward is electric, and we have developed a unique and affordable alternative.

“We are very proud to have developed the first electric vehicles of this kind in the North East, UK, and Europe, but more important this is incredibly important for our planet.


“Everyone has a responsibility for the environment and the effect of carbon emissions on both our current and future generations.”

Vic’s claims his method, which sees him convert small fully electric chargeable vans into larger trade vehicles not currently available on the market, is completely unique and is not being done by anyone else in the UK or Europe.

He believes businesses will save more than £24,000 on average per van over the vehicle’s lifetime when compared with an identical diesel model.

Other savings include no road tax, reduced running and maintenance costs and no congestion charges as well as a drop in dangerous air pollution and C02 emissions.


Vic, who launched his family business in 1971 after becoming an automotive engineer, added: “There is a crying need for more suitable electric vehicles for tradesman and businesses – and we have filled that need before anyone else.

“Because we have developed this on-site, we can adapt existing vehicles and come up with bespoke solutions.

“This will save the government and the public hundreds of thousands of pounds – and has allowed us to lead the way not just in the UK and Europe but worldwide.”