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By Jess Grieveson-Smith

These series of photos show a cute pooch achieving her wildest dreams – all thanks to her bizarre sleeping position and Photoshop.

Rescue dog, Noodle, a greyhound and jindo mix, sleeps in a strange position with her front paws completely straight, creating a perfect triangle.

PIC FROM Caters News

Her owner, Sunnie Ko, 30, from Pennsylvania, US, asked fellow dog-adoring social media users to Photoshop an image of three-year-old, Noodle, into a variety of different scenarios – asking them to make her think of anything other than the ‘hog roast’ shape she resembled usually.

The Photoshop whizzes clearly rose to the occasion and superimposed Noodle into a variety of amazing events.

From an Olympic diver and an synchronised swimmer to a wrestling champ and an honoury tree goat, the selection of photos Sunnie received left her in hysterics.


Sunnie who works for the alumni at her local college, was over the moon when her post of Noodle’s bizarre sleeping quickly went viral.

Sunnie originally posted, “Noodle sleeps like this and all I can picture is her hog tied on a spit – can someone Photoshop her doing something not so sad?”

The results left her in stitches as she said: “Everyone is amazing.

“Noodle is printing and hanging up some of these in her room as we speak as she lives by the mantra “if you can see it, you can achieve it.

“Noodle is pretty weird in the best way possible.


“We don’t know what her life was like before the rescue we got her from saved her – she was in Korea, and we got her from Hope for Donghae Paws.

“She is fearful of strangers, loud sounds, sometimes even chip bags that are blowing in the wind but but once you give her time to warm up, her sweet and goofy personality really comes through.

“She has taught us about patience and trust and that all dogs deserve a chance to be happy and loved!


“This post was amazing- normally the posts that get the most attention are about pure breeds and I was just thrilled to see my little dog getting the same kind of love.

“She’s always slept weird, and I’ve seen her in weirder positions but the response from others was great.”