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By Joe McFarlane

One brave baby hasn’t allowed the multiple birth defects he was born with get in the way of him loving and living life to the fullest.

Bishop Hunt hasn’t had the easiest start to life, and at just one year of age, the brave little boy has dealt with more than a lot of people deal with in an entire lifetime.

During pregnancy, Bishop’s mum, Shaye, was made aware by her doctor that he had been diagnosed with VACTERL Syndrome and would have a bilateral tibial hemimelia.

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Despite the difficult start to life, Bishops is like any other energetic baby who loves to play with his siblings Kennedy, three, and his fraternal twin, Deacon, in their home in Charlotte, North Carolina, from bouncing on trampolines to swinging in the park, Bishops lives life to the fullest.

Shaye said: “I love seeing Bishop attempt and succeed at keeping up with his twin and peers at day-care.

“It warms my heart and keeps the fight in me alive.”

This meant that Bishop’s tibia would be extremely short and his fibula bone would be curved and bowed, resulting in a dis-connection to his ankle bones.

This meant that it would look as though Bishop’s ankles were inverted, making it very difficult for the Baby to walk properly as his feet were not flat to the floor.

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But unfortunately for the Hunt family, Bishop’s defects didn’t stop there. Not long after birth, having realised that Bishop had not passed stool, it was revealed that Bishop was born without an anus, also known as imperforated Anus, as his rectum was connected to his bladder in utero.

In order to resolve this issue, Little Bishop had to get a colostomy until he weighed enough to get reconstructive surgery.

Shaye said: “I was devastated when I found out about Bishop’s birth defects.

“Once we came to grips with the legs, we were surprised at birth about his imperforate anus. That sent us into another world of emotions.

“After doing extensive research I found the best doctor to reconstruct his anus and also Dr Paley in Florida to reconstruct his legs.”

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The fight that Shaye and her family currently face is raising $88,000 for Bishop to get the required surgery he needs to fix his legs.

Share said: “Surgery will allow Bishop full use of the legs he was born with. They will straighten then and connect all bones so that he won’t need prosthetics.

“He will be able to walk, run, jump and play like a typical kid.”

You can check out Bishop’s crowd funding page at