Offbeat Video

By Taniya Dutta

This Japanese artist creates amazing animal sculptors by twisting and tying balloons together.

Masayoshi Matsumoto, 29, has developed a unique passion for creating animals and flowers entirely from BALLOONS – by twisting and tying them together without use of adhesive and markers.

From a monkey, an ostrich, a parrot, an octopus, a hermit crab, deer, an ant and a buffalo, a fluorescent python to a blob fish, Masayoshi has created a wide range of intricate sculptors from the animal kingdom.

He uses different colours, textures and sometimes, even deflated balloons to mimic their anatomy.

Pic by Masayoshi Matsumoto/Caters News

Masayoshi said: “I have always liked living things ever since I was little – and of course, I loved balloons as a child.

“The reason why I work using only balloons is because I want to express the texture of balloons.”

The self-taught artist from Kanagawa started making the sculptures 11 years ago – but he says it’s taken him six years to master the talent.

Each piece can use between 10-20 balloons, each of which are carefully inflated to just the right size using a pump.

They are then meticulously twisted to the right shape and tied together for the formations.

Pic by Masayoshi Matsumoto/Caters News

He said: “It took me six years to master balloon art technique and to be able to make complex works.

“My first work was a monkey.

“It’s very difficult.

“The most difficult part of creating an artwork is making it as simple and complete as possible.

“It takes about five hours to make one piece.”

Pic by Masayoshi Matsumoto/Caters News

But don’t think there’s any chance of being able to take one home – because as soon as he’s created each artwork, he photographs it before popping it.

He added: “When the piece is finished, I take a picture and then break it.

“They wouldn’t last for long anyway.”