By Joe McFarlane

A skilled golfer who got bored of the driving range decided to spice up his game with some un-fore-gettable trick shots.

While a lot of people consider a career change, the idea of giving up a successful career in the much sought-after role of golf coach may seem ludicrous.

But for Ryan Rustand, from Orlando, Florida, the idea of heading back to the driving range was driving him mad.

Becoming bored with his role, the 28-year-old decided on a change of pace, and though he didn’t give up the golf club, he did give up the.

Performing mind-blowing tricks both on the range and in the comfort of his home, Ryan showcases his amazing skills, proving he can putt the ball from almost any bizarre situation.

Ryan said: “The trick shots became a fun way for me to pass the time and be creative.

“These trick shots are extremely difficult, however, most of my time is spent thinking of the concept.

“It certainly takes skill and coordination, but also having a big imagination plays a huge roll in a successful trick shot.

“I normally think about ideas during long drives, flights, or in bed at night. I’ve even dreamt of a few trick shots that I’ve brought to reality!

“I’d say I’m proud of each shot equally. They are products of my creative mind and each shot makes me proud in its own unique way!

“I’m super passionate about what I do and I hope this might inspire someone to find their passion as well!