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By Federico Cornetto and Joe McFarlane

A puppy got insanely jealous of an older sheepdog who was trying to do his job – and clung onto his tail to stop him from herding the animals.

Nine-month-old puppy Flo held the tail of Sam, seven, tight in her tiny jaws and pulled him back from the flock of sheep he was desperately trying to herd in Inverurie, Scotland.


PIC FROM Caters News

On multiple occasions, Sam attempted to spring towards the sheep but was blocked by the puppy’s tight hold on his tail.

The grown-up Border Collie finally managed to free himself with a dramatic sprint, which left Flo rolling on her back.

Whilst watching inn hysterics, owner Rory Gregor, 28, captured this footage in the Scottish Field.

PIC FROM Caters News

Rory, a contract shepherd, said: “I and Sam were trying to gather the sheep for vaccination.

“Sam was trying to concentrate on his job, but Flo was too eager to play and wouldn’t leave him alone.

“It was hilarious to see.”