Amazing Video

By Kristiana Hall

A group of skydivers have broken the world record for the biggest mass night-time skydive.

The group of 64 carried out the daredevil stunt in sky above the desert in Eloy, Arizona, United States.

The breath-taking images were captured by photographer Laszlo Andacs, 46.

**MANDATORY BYLINE** PIC FROM Laszlo Andacs/Caters News

Laszlo said: “To have 64 jumpers together in the sky during day light is a kinda routine these days. But have that many people in the dark is something else.

“It requires lot of planning and practising in order to achieve it safely. Larger group of jumpers are exiting form air planes flying in close formation and normally go to higher altitudes so more freefall time is available to build the large group skydive so additional oxygen is required.

“We made these jumps 15,500-16,000 feet above the ground. We needed clear and calm weather with very good visibility, so all the events were held around full moons, and in a desert location where a weather is very reliable.


**MANDATORY BYLINE** PIC FROM Laszlo Andacs/Caters News

“The difficult part of the large formation jump is the separation from one to another in order to open the parachutes safely.

“The descent had to be made with minimum manoeuvring and turns in order to reduce the risk any collision.

**MANDATORY BYLINE** PIC FROM Laszlo Andacs/Caters News

“In the images you can see the participants are wearing LED Christmas lights which provided visibility and colour coding for each segment of the formation where every jumper had a per-determined slot to take.

“The desert location helps with that too since it’s wide open plenty of place to land. There was lot of ground support too, cars were parking at the desert with their head lights on pointing to the landing direction, illuminating the surface for easy landings, and giving a ride back to the skydiving centre.