By Dil Dissanayake and Federico Cornetto

A couple of adventurous and hungry friends travelled across the United States on board of a car shaped like a hot dog on a bun.

Forrest Koslowski, 23, from Slinger, Wisconsin, and Josie Balderrama, 23, from Laredo, Texas, are two proactive college graduates and hot dog lovers who have embarked on the unusual journey on behalf of food company Oscar Mayer.

Pic By Forrest Koslowski / Caters News 

Forrest and Josie have hit a total of 25 states over the year, starting from New York City and travelling across Vermont, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa – to name a few.

Forrest, who is an Advertising graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, jumped on the opportunity of being a Wienermobile driver when the iconic car stopped at his college as he was graduating in 2018.

Forrest said: “We are part of the 12 hotdoggers who drive across the country on board of six different cars.

Pic By Forrest Koslowski / Caters News

“The beauty of the mobile is that you don’t know where it is going to take you, we’ve been to big places like Denver and Chicago, but also a bunch of small towns.

“It’s been pretty wonderful being on the road and we are relishing every moment.”

Forrest terminated his once-in-a-lifetime journey as the Wienermobile hit his native Wisconsin last week.

Although he says many Wienermobile hotdoggers go on to work for Oscar Mayer, the opportunity of travelling the country on board of the mouth-watering vehicle will not repeat itself.

Pic By Forrest Koslowski / Caters News 

Forrest said: “You only get one opportunity to be a hotdogger, where you get to travel across the country doing a lot of different events, from city markets to festivals, to weddings to birthday parties.

“All you need to apply is a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Advertising and a driving license.

“My friends and family were so supportive of me taking this job, everyone knows me as a sociable, adventurous guy who doesn’t like to take himself too seriously, so this job allowed me to do that.

“We have a quite a fun work week, on Monday we drive into a new market, then we get a couple of days off during the week to visit the new city, and then again on to a new market where we’ll be working.”

Pic By Forrest Koslowski / Caters News 

The hotdoggers will give out Oscar Mayer coupons and take people for a ride on their wheeled bun, however, they will not directly serve hotdogs.

Forrest said: “We don’t serve hotdogs, but we manage to convert a lot of people to the hotdogs regardless.

“The most memorable moment I have from the Wienermobile is when I was able to bring it to the Ronald McDonald House in South Bend Indiana.

“The families there have loved ones in the Children’s Hospital, so it was amazing to be able to bring the Wienermobile and spread some cheer for the evening.

“We gave family’s rides and took photos, it’s incredible how something as simple and silly as a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels can elicit so much joy in people.”