Offbeat Video

By Jamie Smith

A food blogger claims to have made the world’s largest doughnut – and it’s got a whopping 11,460 calories.

Junk food enthusiast Julia Goolia made the Simpsons inspired doughnut at the kitchen of her former university, the State University of New York College, Oneonta, New York, United States.

Julia and partner JP Lambiase create giant, oversized versions of their favourite foods and have over two million subscribers to their Youtube channel.

Julia said: ” This by far is one of the greatest things we’ve ever done, now it’s onto the next recipe.

“We are HellthyJunkFood, a Youtube comedy cooking show, sharing amazing copy cat recipes, fun foods, and oversized recreations.

“Light hearted and fun, we bring you on their journey episodically on their Youtube channel creating incredible wow moments all about our favourite thing: junk food.”

The recipe for the dough used a staggering 8lbs of flour, 10 oz of sugar, and dozens of eggs.

Julia and JP’s past creations include a giant, 10,906 calorie sushi roll as well as a 10,428 calorie hot dog.