Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A golden retriever puppy bounces downstairs after learning how to climb from her three-legged brother.

Adorable pooch Zeppelin – known as Zeppy – certainly has a spring in her step, as she bounces down

Leaning against the wall at home in Charlotte, North Carolina, on June 5 the six-month-old hops down each step really deliberately.

Zeppy learned the process after watching her older brother Bowie climb down the steps after he had his leg amputated after a bad break.

Karisa said: “Zeppy learned how to sit, paw and play fetch by watching Bowie, but it’s been great watching her learn to adapt how she plays with him so that she doesn’t hurt him.

“They love each other so much and are always together.

“Her big brother broke his leg in March 2018, and after having four surgeries to repair his leg, we ended up having to have it amputated in August.

He relearned how to go up and down stairs and to lift his spirits, we got him Zeppy so he would have a playmate.

“Zeppy was afraid of going down the stairs when she was smaller, so Bowie showed her how and now she goes down the stairs the same way he does, hopping like a bunny and leaning against the wall.”