Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

One unlucky duck landed in the bear enclosure at the zoo only just to be snatched up for lunch by a hungry Polar Bear, to the horror of an onlooking family on vacation.

Amy McBride, 37, and her family stopped off at the world-famous San Diego Zoo on June 5th as part of their yearly vacation.

Expecting fun and frolics, the family were completely unaware that that they were about to witness the true meaning of the circle of life.

While taking a bus tour around the zoo, Amy and her family spotted a small duck landing on top of the water of the polar bear habitat.

Like a scene out of Jaws, an ominous object under the water could be seen swimming straight towards the oblivious bird.

Within a flash, a large polar bear splashed out from under the water and snatched the bird in its vice-like jaw, killing the prey immediately.

Amy said: “Everyone was in awe, the driver of the bus didn’t even know what to say.

“The bear was still eating the Duck when we drove off.”

While Amy’s husband, Joseph, 37, gave a comical narration over the video in which he can be heard approving of the Bear giving into its natural instincts, not everyone was as thrilled to watch the bloodbath.

Amy and Joseph’s three-year-old daughter, Kimberley was very disapproving of the bear’s actions, as can be seen in her adorable and hilarious follow-up reaction video filmed a day later by Amy.

When asked if she liked the zoo and wanted to go back, Kimberley angrily shouted no and that she would like two hit the polar bear because of what he did to the duck. 

Amy said: “None of the kids seemed to be traumatised. We have talked a lot about it and the circle of life. We tried to use our meat meals as a way to explain to Kimberley that the bear was just eating food like we do. 

“Kimberley still dislikes the bear and she is still talking about it! Her reaction video was taken because she had brought it up the next morning, unprompted, that’s when I decided to record her.”