Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

One creative Disney fan recreated ‘The Circle of Life’ using toys from the shop he works in.

Well Kyle Fisher, who works as a social media manager for Tom’s Toys in Beverly Hills, used his awesome job to create an epic parody of The Lion King.

In preparation for Disney’s beloved animated classic, The Lion King, being adapted into a CGI/live action hybrid, the 27-year-old decided to take the tools of his trade and recreate the legendary scene.

And Kyle hasn’t missed a beat, from using bathroom sinks for waterfalls and spotlights for the sun, the social media manager could give Disney a run for their money in the movie making department. 

Kyle said: “I came up with the idea once I saw all of the Schliech branded toys Tom’s Toys sells.

“They are hand painted figurines of just about every animal you can think of and I knew they would be perfect for recreating this scene in particular.

“I was able to pull this together in about three days; one to collect the supplies and plan, one day to shoot, and one day to edit.

“All in all I used about 30 different toys.”

Everyone’s favourites make an appearance, from Simba and Mufasa, though some stand-ins were necessary as an eagle was required to take the place of the Hornbill Zazu and Rafiki was transformed from a Mandrill to an Orangutan. 

Kyle said: “I am a huge fan of all things Disney and especially The Lion King as it was my favourite feature length animated film growing up and probably even to this day.

“I know everything about the film and can’t wait for the new one to come out this year.

“I was surprised the video came out so well after just a few days and some creative problem solving – but I pride myself on being crafty and my ability to pull off what’s needed to execute the production of anything. 

“I went in with the mindset of almost making it “so bad, it’s good” and I think it turned out as just pretty good.”