Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

This patient came to Marion Yau’s clinic to treat an out of control ingrown toenail with a large tissue growth.

Also known as Miss Foot Fixer, Marion treats her clients on the famous Harley Street.

The patient arrived at the clinic to have build-up of tissue (granuloma) on the ingrown nail removed.

Marion begins by sterilising and numbing the patient’s foot to ensure there is no infection or pain.

Using her specialised tools, Marion takes the granuloma and cuts it away from big toe.

Once it’s removed the correction of the ingrown nail can begin, Marion continues to sterilise and cut away the infected tissue.

The toe is then bandaged after the successful treatment is complete with the patient making a full recovery with no lasting effects.

Marion said: “The patient arrived and wanted his nail surgery as suggested from a previous appointment.

“I could see that his ingrown toenail was present but a massive granuloma had developed 

“Granuloma this is a mass of tissue that contains granulation tissue.

“The ingrown toenail caused irritation and inflammation to the side of the toe.

“For this patient there was no pain but cosmetically it can be unsightly and it can become painful and bleed if the granuloma is at the acute stage.”