Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

One bonkers bug lover likes to keep his favourite creepy pets including spiders and scorpions nestled away in the safety of his own mouth.

Kelvin Wiley, 21, of Burlington, New Jersey, has set himself a task of convincing the world the creepy crawlies that many people are terrified of, aren’t actually as scary as we think.

Kelvin has decided to prove his point by filming himself with his beloved insects and arachnids slowly crawling out of the confines of his mouth.

The shocking, creepy but ultimately fascinating footage shows everything from mantises and weavers to spiders and scorpions escaping from his mouth.

Kelvin said: “I like to show off insects and arachnids in an artistically expressive way.

“I put them in my mouth and on my face to try and show that these creatures are not as scary and as dangerous as society tries to push them to be.

“I want people to see them as beautiful, beneficial, and for the most part, harmless creatures. To me, this is a form of art.”

Kelvin’s experience with his insects means that he knows that they can’t hurt him in any way, while also being completely aware of their limits.

Kelvin said: “For the most part, the insects and arachnids that I use are completely harmless. So worrying about them hurting me isn’t usually an issue.

“Because I’ve worked with so many insects and arachnids for so long now, I know their limits and how much it could take to potentially damage and hurt them, which is why I’m extremely careful in my actions so that they are not in danger of getting hurt.

“Some people absolutely love my videos and think they’re incredibly awesome! And then other people hate them and find them disgusting and disturbing.”

While Kelvin has explained why he divulges in his expressive and shocking ritual, the only logical questions left is, how do the insects taste?

Kelvin said: “Most insects have a salty peanut taste in my opinion.

“The best tasting insect that I’ve eaten are Mealworms.

“The worst tasting insect that I’ve eaten were Dubia roaches.”