Offbeat Video

By Kristana Hall

These heart-warming images show a group of cute rescue kittens PANTING in a bid to find a new home.

The classes are the brain child of Ashley Day, 28, founder of charity Forgotten Felines.

Ashley along with her colleagues based in Corbin, Kentucky, USA, take in feral cats before having them neutered and rehoming them – after posting videos and pictures of their fancy art works online.

PIC FROM Forgotten Felines/Caters News

Ashley said: “We start out by covering the area with newspaper to try to make clean up as east as possible because it does get very messy. We lay the blank canvas out and squirt the paint of choice around the canvas.

“We use toys and a laser light and sometimes catnip spray to entice the kitties to play around.

“Most of the time they start running after the laser and through the paint and make cute art. There is also some manual prints put on the canvas as in we pick them up and put them on the canvas if they don’t want to play as much.

PIC FROM Forgotten Felines/Caters News

“They do get over it rather quickly and will walk around the canvas and paint rather that on it. They then get a bath afterwards before it dries.

“We use kittens because they are fairly OK with the process of a bath afterwards and its always a good idea to get them adjusted to bathing and being groomed anyway.

“We use non toxic water based washable paints like you would use for children to play with. They are always strictly supervised with the paints and are discouraged to not lick.

PIC FROM Forgotten Felines/Caters News

“We have been doing the paintings for the last three years and people always love them, but this year it has blew an all time high.

“We are not only selling to many states throughout the US and Canada but to many countries across the seas including Australian, Finland, Ireland, and the UK which has been amazing.”