Animals Video

By Jamie Smith

Whale hello there! A boat full of tourists were delighted when this pod of whales swam over to greet them – and one lucky photographer managed to get quite the unique vantage point.

Mike Korostelev, who runs conservation company Whale Watching Russia, took the fantastic snaps in the Pacific Ocean near Tonga.

Pic by Mike Korostelev/Caters News

After interacting with the whales from the boat, Mike decided to get into the water to capture some incredible photos.

Mike said: “This is the best place in the world for swimming with humpback whales.

“Mother whales give birth here and young calves are curious as any kid. Baby whales swim around people and play with them while mothers have a rest on the bottom.

Pic by Mike Korostelev/Caters News

“This encounter was unusual because two big males were super curious with us. They research our team very long time in the water and when we were in the boat. It was incredible contact with another civilization.

“They just show us how small part of whale you can see from the boat is compared to the rest of their body.”