Animals Video

By Neo Bye

An excited husky can’t stop running around the house after his owns returned from a five day holiday.

Stay at home mum, Nicole Cordova was only away from Siberian Husky, Manson for five days but upon returning to their home in Dover, Delaware, the pooch went crazy at the sight of his family.

The clip opens with Nicole warning her son to ‘watch out’ as Manson races past him and the ecstatic dog continuing to jump on the sofa.

Manson pauses after short bursts of energy and looks to Nicole before sprinting around the couch once more.

Manson eventually calms down to examine the split in the sofa seats with clip ending Manson lovable face.

Nicole said: “I was absolutely overjoyed to see Manson.

“Seeing your dog after so long just fills your heart with so much love, we missed him terribly. 

“As soon as I saw that big goofs face it was just huge smiles ear to ear on both my son and me.

“The second that dog sees you are home, to see how happy they are bringing tears to my face, tears of happiness of course.

“Manson is known for being a huge character for having feelings and acting just like a human would.”