Offbeat Video

By Kristiana Hall

The stunning images capture a free diver, diving into the water and playing an old statue of a piano.

André Musgrove, 22, has been a professional underwater photographer for the past four years and shot the beautiful images near Musha Cay in Copperfield Bay, Exuma, Bahamas earlier this year.

PIC FROM Andr Musgrove/Caters News

André was able to fulfil his dream photographing this location , with the help of his good friend  and underwater model, Stephanie Schuldt, 32.

The elaborate shoot took eight dives and about an hour to complete but the result was all worth it.

Andrew said: “I was inspired to start underwater photography because of my love for the ocean -I enjoy sharing my experiences with others who may or may not have had access to the ocean as I did growing up in The Bahamas.

PIC FROM Andr Musgrove/Caters News

“Capturing this image felt like a dream come true – in 2014, I visited the Exuma Cays for the second time and was made aware of this underwater statue.

“I’ve had this concept in mind for a few years and had thought out every detail, down to the time of day, direction of tidal current and the model’s attire.

“She had the challenge of swimming down to the statue without the use of fins to help propel her through the water, while fighting the strong tidal current, removing her mask, fixing her dress and the flow of her hair in the right direction, all the while keeping perfectly composed 20 ft underwater and holding her breath.

*PIC FROM Andr Musgrove/Caters News –

“I would tow Stephanie, up current, into position since I had on proper free dive equipment to move both of us through the water.

“We were also challenged with trying to swim up the strong current to estimate our ‘landing zone’ so that we would be pushed toward the statue to achieve the proper composition for the image and video.

“Having to work with natural light was a task, as we would have to wait a few minutes for the sun to come from behind a clouds.”