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By Jack Mobley

A former hurdler has managed to make his way around the track for the first time after surviving a car crash that rendered his legs almost useless.

During high school in Fort Valley, Georgia, Tre Lawson, 19, was one of the top hurdlers in the nation, being scouted as a top prospect and potential scholarship from universities.

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Tre was the second in the 300m hurdles in the state of Georgia for 2017 and ranked number 15 nationwide.

However, then 17-year-old Tre and two of his teammates were involved in a horrific car accident that left the young star paralysed from the waist down.

This incredible video from April 7, shows Tre taking to the track once more in an inspiring walk around the track only with the assistance of the walker.

Tre said: “Just having my feet to return back to the place that I love just gives me even more hope to work harder.

Pic by Caters News

“I want Rolling Hope to go Global & make it where a few kids who have witnessed Spinal cord injuries and are trying to further their education in college can receive scholarship money.

“Life is a continuous race and mine will restart when I’m back running again.”

Now a freshman at Fort Valley University, Tre has been training to strengthen his legs and begin to walk with minor assistance from a Zimmer frame.

Tre also has plans to get back on the track running once again as well help others around him with his non-profit organisation, Rolling Hope.

This hurdle was the biggest obstacle that Tre had ever faced, but he was determined not to let it be the end of him.

Pic by Caters News

Tre said: “After the accident, I was in hospital thinking ‘why did this happen to me lord, not even wanting to live again wanting to give up on life, crying day in and day out heart broken dreams crushed.’

“I thought this is the end and all my dreams are gone and, will I run again, seeing your parents hurt, everybody in your family hurt, wondering was it my fault.

“But being in the hospital and rehab centre, seeing some people not being able to move their hands and other things just inspires you to never take life for granted and work on what you can get back.”