Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

A team of animal rescuers saved the life of a tiny kitten who had fallen in a narrow gap between two cement walls. 

Gaby Lera and Ernesto Poblano from the LA Animal Services SMART used hammer and chisel to break down a piece of the concrete and extract the little cat on June 3 in Los Angeles.

The animal can be seen distressingly crying for help from the narrow gap in which it had fallen, before Gaby is able to pull it out and hold it in her arms.

The kitten was finally taken to the LA Animal Service Center where it was cleaned up and enjoyed a warm meal.

Spokesman from SMART, Armando Navarrete said: “It took our staff about 30 minutes to chisel the cement wall then finally reach in and rescue the kitten.

“He was fine, just had a few crusts around his eyes but nothing wrong medically.”