Offbeat Video

By Randal Coombs

A dust devil wrapped itself around a palm tree, almost turning it sideways. 

Zak Norgren was walking through downtown Phoenix, Arizona, on June 3 when he spotted the unusual weather phenomenon.

Approaching the dust devil, the sand and wind wrapped around the high leaves of the tree and in a matter of seconds almost pulled the top to a 90 degree angle.

Zak said: “The whole event only lasted 10-15 seconds, but I was in awe.

“The whole top of a 90’ palm tree was caught in the vortex, spinning around at what seemed an impossible angle and speed.

“I’ve never seen this type of interaction, but we get these things every summer 

“They can be small or huge, but almost always do damage with winds from 30-50 mph pushing down garbage cans and breaking tree branches 

“This disturbance was the same one that spawned tornados in the plains the next day.”