Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A group of avid divers have documented their fun and playful interactions with adorable sea lions and curious seals.

Over the years, William Drumm, 34, and his passionate diving pals Ryan Miller, Maxwel Hohn and Roseanne Keat have experienced some truly memorable dives.

Pic by William Drumm/Caters News

Through exploring the waters of Monterey, California and Vancouver, British Columbia, the group have been hounded by and made friends with countless curious dogs of the sea. 

The avid scuba diver and ocean photographer has captured some hilarious footage of his encounters with curious, playful, and at times bothersome, sea lions and seals.

From throwing rocks around the seabed like a dog with a stick, to playfully biting the divers’ heads, hands and fins, the playful pups and silly sea lions aren’t scared away easily. 

William said: “It is so much fun interacting with these amazing animals.

Pic by William Drumm/Caters News

“They are so intelligent and social and you can see them making decisions and figuring things out. 

“They behave so much like dogs, it really is something else.”

William’s brilliant footage varies from sleepy sea lions comically resting on the surface of the water after a large meal to William’s friends being incessantly pestered by the intelligent mammals.

William said: “The young harbour seals were just fascinated by my dive buddy David Smith.

Pic by William Drumm/Caters News

“The seals were biting his fins, sneaking up behind him and nuzzling him, and then one even became fascinated by his camera and underwater light.

 “They are just like big puppies, just trying to play with us. They would even grab rocks in their mouths and then drop them, almost like a dog trying to get you to throw it a stick.”