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By Aliki Kraterou

You’ve got to be kidding! An adorable highland calf has struck up a bizarre friendship – with a GOAT who was saved from the barbecue.

Leslie Ackerman, 57, a retired veterinary technician from California, USA, adopted Buckley, a Scottish Highland cow, who had been orphaned after his owner sold his mother at market.

But the little calf was so distraught at losing his mother that Leslie’s daughter Kristen decided to try to find him a friend – and adopted a goat who was being advertised as being sold ‘either as a pet or for the barbecue.’

Since they met, Buckley and Ralphy, a mini Nubian have been doing everything together.

Mum–of-three Leslie said she received a message from an acquaintance, asking her if she would be willing to adopt a five week old calf as his mum was sold and the buyer didn’t want him.

She agreed to have him but the lonely calf was inconsolable.

Leslie said: “He came, he was adorable but he was so sad, he screamed and cried, he wouldn’t take a bottle, he wouldn’t eat – the whole first 24 hours he was just beside himself.

“My daughter Kristen, was visiting me at the time and she suggested to get him a buddy, a baby goat.

“I wasn’t sure if it was going to work but I went on Craigslist and saw Ralphy advertised as either ‘a pet or a barbecue goat’.

“So we brought him home , he was adorable and tiny.

“We put him next to Buckley but with a divider between them and Buckley started settling down, like ‘my goodness, I have a friend!’.

“The next morning Ralphy was showing Buckley he was eating hay and they were side by side so I removed the divider- they’ve been inseparable ever since.

“This little goat turned the cow’s life around- he is eating and playing and happily running all over the place.

“Ralphy is teaching him all sort of stuff- they eat together, sleep together, go out together, they play together.

“What’s amazing is that Buckley realises how small Ralphy is and he is very careful when they play. “

Leslie who also has a pig named Wally , two donkeys Penelope and Charlotte, a 16- year old goat named Walter,  a chihuahua called Roo, Zoe, a pit-bull mix, two horses, Bb, an American cream draft and Saphy  a Clydesdale.

With her daughter’s Lindsey, 30, help, Leslie was able to set up an Instagram account with Buckley’s and Ralphy’s adventures that has more than 75K followers.

She added: “They have a very cute relationship, they are totally happy together.

“One time Buckley was sick and I had to take him to the vet- Ralphy was so beside himself he climbed the fence and got in with the horses which was not good- he was just beside himself because his friend was gone.

“And whenever Buckley can’t find Ralphy, he’ll start mooing and Ralphy will start to run as fast as he can to go back to him.

“It’s amazing, they really are best friends sometimes I think it’s the craziest thing ever.

“I have received so many messages from people saying my video made their day- I love that they make people happy. “

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