Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A group of friendly warthogs have become a popular bunch by striking up friendships with a variety of their fellow animal kingdom.

If The Lion King has taught us anything, it’s that a warthog can make friends with almost any other animal and at the Harnas Wildlife Foundation, Namibia, a group of the amiable animals have opened their trotters wide.

From Ham, the six-year-old female, enjoying being groomed by baboons, to Miss Piggy, the smallest, playing with a miniature Doberman, to Happy Meal, four, being a socialite with the foundation’s volunteers, the trio are calm and pleasant pigs to be around.

The relaxed nature of the warthogs even means they allow whole swarms of mongooses to climb all over them and treat them like their own furry playground.

But the Warthogs didn’t have the best start in life, after being abandoned by their mothers while they were still babies. 

Siff Carlsen, 23, a marketing strategist at the foundation, said: “While wild warthogs can be aggressive, since Ham, Happy Meal and Miss Piggy have been raised by us, they are very calm, friendly and relaxed.

“They are non-captive and can run around wherever they want. They want to be here and they love the company from the other animals and humans.

“Seeing the animals interact with one another is one of my favourite things about Harnas. It shows the beauty of the animal kingdom that these animals, big and small, can coexist like this and even become unlikely friends.

“It makes me feel hopeful when I see the different animal species coexist. It makes me think, if their friendship is possible, what else is?”