Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

An underwater photographer captured the stomach-churning moment a bobbit worm preyed on an unsuspecting fish.

Japanese photographer Atsushi Sadaki, 61, was diving in the waters outside Lembeh Island, Indonesia, when he spotted the grim creature popping its head out of the ocean floor.

The bobbit worm slowly protruded its body out of the soil as it tried to reach for a fish that was resting nearby.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts, the alien-like creature captured the fish and dragged it beneath the seabed as Atsushi screamed in horror.

Atsushi said: “This was my first time seeing a bobbit worm, and it was during a night-time dive.

“The worm looked like an alien, its body was shining like a metal surface.

“The fish had been half-asleep and it was dragged into the hole in an instant.”