Animals Video

By Randal Coombs


A first-time hunter came face to face with a 250lb black bear sat in his platform, before hilariously talking it down.

Bryan Reber was out in Alberta, Canada, on May 15 when he came across an unlikely visitor in the metal platform he was going to use on his trip.

Despite looking up and seeing the huge bear, Bryan didn’t panic and instead calmly tried to reason with the trespasser.

Incredibly, the bear seemed to understand Bryan’s concerns and in less than a minute, climbed down the ladder and disappeared into the trees.

Bryan said: “This was my first hunting trip so this has never happened before.

“When I arrived to my spot for the evening, I was greeted by the bear. 

“It certainly startled me.

“I immediately grabbed my phone and started recording before trying to talk him down.

“Amazingly he climbed down and disappeared into the forest.”