Video Viral

By Neo Bye

An angry woman was not pleased when she was politely asked to pick up her dog’s poo.

In Franjo Tudman Park in Zagreb, Croatia, Paul Prescott respectfully asked a woman to pick up her dog’s poo but is greeted with a hounding from the owner.

The woman screams at professional photographer Paul as he remains calm and asks her why she will not pick up the litter.

Stubborn and reluctant she continues to divert her attention away Paul and his requests, texting on her phone instead.

Paul is even nice enough to offer his services to pick it up and give it to the woman if she has a plastic bag, but coincidently she does not have one.

Paul continues to press despite the expletives that are being thrown his way, but she gathers her bag and leaves.

Paul said: “I did not think she would react like she did.

“I had a previous interaction a few months ago and my daughter and I asked her to pick up her poo and she did. 

“I was just telling her again because she was on her phone and didn’t see her dog poo. 

“I have experience with violent people and I always stay stoic.”