Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

One dirty dog hates bath time so much, he does everything in his power to try and escape.

Nicolas Veillette, 25, shares his home in Quebec, Canada, with two dogs.

While Shadow the four-year-old Husky/Samoyed cross is the well behaved one of the two, Haro the one-year-old Shiba Inu causes havoc, especially when it comes to the dreaded bath-time.

Haro initially tried to stall for time by bringing his toys and placing them on the edge of the bathtub before being lifted into the tub.

He frantically does everything in his power to hover over the water and once dipped into the tub, the silly Shiba tries to scramble out.

Nicolas and his partner think the situation is under control, Haro springs from the tub and shakes out his drenched fur all over the bathroom. 

Nicolas said: “It looked difficult, but honestly we have come to know what to expect with Haro.

“We know that there will be water everywhere, so it’s just funny.

“Haro likes to over-react, but he is also very smart.

“Whenever there is a situation he doesn’t like, he thinks he is clever enough to do something to manipulate us or the others pets to get the advantage of the situation.”