By Mikey Jones

These unbelievable close-up photographs show marine creatures making a home out of litter on the seabed.

Shot by professional underwater Photographer, Dr Alex Tattersall, 46, from Bournemouth, the images show two yellow Pygmy Gobies LIVING in a discarded aluminium Coca Cola can.

PIC BY Alex Tattersall / CATERS NEWS

The images were taken in Lambeh Straits, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, and prove to be a stark, and sad reminder of how lazy people are forcing these aquatic animals to adapt to the carelessness of those responsible for disposing of their litter in an irresponsible way.

The cute pair poke their noses out of their home as Tattersall gets closer to them, which allows for a mouth-watering photo opportunity.

Alex said: “It’s very commonplace to see the marine creatures of the world making their homes in human waste, especially in developing countries.

“It is a very sad situation and the extent of the problem cannot be understated.”

PIC BY Alex Tattersall / CATERS NEWS 

With the ever-expanding amount of waste dumped into the ocean, this specific species of fish which is commonly found throughout the indo-pacific often live in discarded bottles and cans – and are known not to venture to far from their adoptive homes.

Alex said: “My hope is that the changes in sustainable packaging being seen in developed countries can be mirrored across the globe.”

Indonesia, amongst other countries in Asia is one of the biggest ocean polluters in the world, in August 2018, 20,000 Indonesians gathered at 76 locations across the southeast Asian country to participate in a mass plastic trash clean up.

PIC BY Alex Tattersall / CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED Alex Tattersall) 

“I would like to think that changes to the way we deal with packaging waste can be made quickly and without interference from the agendas of large corporations and questionable governments.”