Animals Video

By Jasmine Kazlauskas

A British tourist traveling around Australia has captured the hilarious moment a cheeky kangaroo brazenly sticks its TONGUE OUT for the camera.

British teen Mimi Yates snapped the adorable image while visiting the Maru Koala and Animal Park on Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia, last month [19 MAY].

The 19-year-old from Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK, said she felt like she ‘formed a bond’ with the loveable marsupial – who Mimi said kept following her around the grounds of the park.

And after spending an amazing two hours feeding, playing and hanging out with the little kangaroo, Mimi had snapped a series of photos to remember the incredible experience.

But it was only after she had looked through her images later in the evening that Mimi realised that the cheeky kangaroo had stuck his tongue out for the camera – making for an unforgettable holiday snap.

Mimi said: “I was at a wildlife park on Phillip Island for a tour and we went around to feed all the kangaroos.

“This particular one stuck with me the whole time and was following me everywhere.

“He was really funny and standing away from all the others to hang out with me. Everyone else in the group was laughing.

“He was so cheeky. People would try to pat him, but he would just end up taking the food and hopping off.

“He was so cute, and I never wanted to leave him. Everyone was saying ‘that’s your kangaroo now!’

“I spent two hours there and never wanted to leave. It was an incredible experience.

“I loved him, so that’s why I took so many photos. It wasn’t until I was flicking through them later that I saw the picture of him sticking his tongue out.

“I burst out laughing as it was just so funny and perfectly fitted his personality.”

Adventurous Mimi is currently enjoying three months of travel in her gap year before heading back home to the UK to study Philosophy at university in September.

And despite only touching down in Australia last month, the teenager said she has ‘fallen in love’ with the land down under and cannot wait to return after completing her degree.

Mimi said: “It was such a fun way to start off my Australian holiday and it’s like a dream to get so close to kangaroos.

“They’re such cool animals and this one had a really cheeky personality

“All my family back in the UK loved it so much and my mum even printed the photo off to keep.

“It was definitely something I’ll remember forever.

“I already love Australia so much and can’t wait to come back one day.”