Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Nisbet

These cheeky triplets have been caught covering themselves in Nutella after bath time.

Their bemused mum, Rebecca Wooldridge, 45, had turned her back for just a few minutes when the carnage took place – something she managed to capture on camera.

The clips shows two-year-old triplets, Etta, and Maya-Albertine covered in chocolate spread in the bathroom after the pair managed to get into the kitchen cupboards.

But triplet, Amelie, kept out of trouble and can be seen in the bath with her brother, Felix, six, after their sisters were caught chocolate-handed.

Rebecca says both her girls were put straight back into the bath after their antics last week [27 May].

Full time mum-of-four, from Sutton Coldfield, West Mids, said: “”Etta is always causing mischief and always manages to get her sisters involved.

“They’d only just had a bath when they managed to bypass the safety latches on the stair gates and access the kitchen and the Nutella spread.

“They both went downstairs after they’d had enough in the bath but I didn’t imagine they’d get downstairs and into the cupboards so easily.

“I did find it really funny and luckily managed to capture it all on camera.

“Both myself and my husband, David, 49, need eyes at the back of our heads to keep up with the triplets.

“But we know they won’t be little for long and we’ve learnt to just accept that our house will never look tidy.

“After Etta and Maya-Albertine were caught they were marched back upstairs and into the bath before they covered the whole house in chocolate.”

The triplets who were all born at 29 weeks aren’t strangers to causing mischief and even recruit their older brother, Felix, six, to join in when possible.

Rebecca added: “I can’t keep up when the four of them are plotting a plan between them.

“It’s so funny though and although they do have a habit of ruining the house, as they’re always finding a way to decorate the furniture with crayons, pens, baby cream and food.

“They were all born so premature and had a mixture of health problems that we’re just relieved they’re happy and healthy.

“We document all of their antics on their Instagram page @mummy_to_triplets_and_bro.”