Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

An incredibly rare ‘white’ bear has been caught on camera by a photographer in Canada – walking alongside his brown mum.

The footage, taken in southern Alberta, shows the bear, with white fur, walking with its family, who are all brown.

PIC FROM Rafael Pernia/Caters News

It’s thought the cub is still young, possibly born in the winter just gone, and the exact location has been omitted to “protect the bear.”

“White bears are uncommon,” said filmer Rafael Pernia.

“Seeing one is hard, and capturing video of it is even harder, but capturing a multi-coloured family is very, very rare.”

“In this particular sighting, I saw the mom first and then the two black cubs,” he continued.

PIC FROM Rafael Pernia/Caters News

“After a few shots, I noticed the white cub and I couldn’t believe it.

“It was when I was mid-way through the shooting that I actually realised that this was a very special moment.”

According to Rafael, the safety threshold for photographing bears with cubs is 300m, and he was all too aware of the risks.

“I was very excited but whenever I saw bears or other wild large animals,” he said.

PIC FROM Rafael Pernia/Caters News

“I tried to force myself to be calm, since any mistakes in the beginning could make the animal freak out and go away or it could be even worse, leading to an attack.

“So in those first moments you need to think clearly. Usually after I seize the situation and possible outcomes, I find a safe location, a possible escape route and a shooting plan”.