Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

This is the incredible moment a crafty crab wore a jellyfish as a hat to disguise itself as it ran through the ocean floor.

Biologist and diving instructor, Saioa Rodriguez, 36, filmed the unusual scene taking place in Palawan island, Philippines, on May 21.

The crab sped above the sand wearing the jellyfish like a sombrero hat and used the tentacles of the animal to protect it from potential predators above.

According to Saioa, the jellyfish is actually an ‘upside-down’ one, which lives with the top part of its body permanently stuck in the ground.

Saioa said: “The jellyfish in the video is alive, but it is an upside-down jellyfish.

“One day I was trying to check if it was ok because I didn’t know if it was just a regular jellyfish that got stuck.

“When I pulled it up I realised there was a crab buried underneath.

“The crab immediately started running with the jellyfish on its back.

“I think it uses the jellyfish as camouflage and protection against predators.

“The jellyfish is kind of kidnapped, or maybe it takes advantage of the crab running away from predators.

“I thought it was hilarious, now every time I see an upside-down jellyfish I check if there is a crab underneath.

“The other day I found a big crab with a small jellyfish on it, like a hat.”