Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

The quiet and peaceful night skies of Adelaide were disrupted when an enormous meteor burst into flames while plummeting to earth.

Impressive footage captured by The Royal Adelaide Hospital on May 21 could easily be confused for an alien spaceship. 

But luckily for the residents of the Australian city, the spectacular night-time display wasn’t an unidentified visitor from another planet, but rather a meteor dramatically bursting into an orangey-red explosion before safely crumbling apart due to the Earth’s atmosphere and its own incredible speed. 

The massive flare-up generated by the bright fireball wouldn’t be out of place in a cinematic disaster scene in a Michael Bay movie, and for two surprised paramedics, they got the perfect rooftop view of the natural firework display from the hospital’s helipad.

Hayley MacDonald of SA Health stated: “Two paramedics were making their way to a helicopter retrieval as a giant meteor fell to earth right in front of them.”