Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

This pet owner has taken a novel approach to making sure his dog gets enough exercise by having him endlessly chase a ball around trampoline.

At the end of a long, hard day, the idea of walking the dog can sometimes feel like a monumental task.

But ingenious YouTuber and author Bret Wellman, 30, from Fowlerville, Michigan, managed to come up with a concept that would mean his 14-month-old Chocolate Labrador, Gus, always gets his daily work-out, without Bret having to break a sweat.

After tying a ball on a string to Gus, and placing it around the base of a trampoline, Bret just sat back and watched the comical sight of Gus trying to catch the ever elusive ball.

Bret said: “I felt pretty ecstatic at seeing Gus chase the ball, after trying for two hours to get the idea to work.” 

But in the end, the rather pathetic site of Gus trying to catch the ball caused Bret to untie the ball and give his desperate Doggo the prized possession.

Ever since, Gus has been wise to Bret’s games and has managed to catch the ball.

Bret said: “Every time I’ve tried this afterward, Gus has just cut through the middle of the trampoline and gets the ball straight away.”