Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto

This is the incredible moment a daredevil swallowed 10 unlubricated 28 inch swords one by one.

Brad Byers, 59, from Pullman, Washington, USA, is an internationally renowned sword swallower, and has been dubbed the ‘Human Toolbox’ thanks also to his ability of inserting a running power drill into his nose and towards his brain. 

In his new chilling video, Brad swallows 10 unlubricated swords one by one in succession and terminates the frightful stunt by twisting them 180 degrees all at once. 

According to Brad, this is by far the most dangerous stunt in his repertoire.

Brad said: “Swallowing swords and then twisting them is my signature move, I invented this and earned several records with it. 

“Unlike most sword swallowers, I swallow multiple swords in succession, and with each blade I have to suppress the gag reflex. 

“I do not lubricate the swords either. 

“Because the swords are loose they are likely to scissor while swallowing them and especially while twisting them. 

“A torn or perforated esophagus could be fatal.”

Brad recalls the first time he tried to swallow several swords at a time and was frustrated by how ‘easy’ the trick was. 

He said: “I never saw a video of sword swallower before I took up the art, it was before the Internet, so all I had seen was pictures. 

“I tried swallowing three at once as others do, but decided that was too easy. 

“So I tried putting them down one at a time until all three filled my esophagus.  

“This was much harder and I decided I would perform it this way. 

“Unfortunately, when I withdrew the swords there was a little curly piece of flesh on my blades.”