Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

A Palestinian family was abused on their own front porch by a caucasian-American man in shocking footage that included xenophobic/racist comments.

On what was a quiet evening in Seminole, Florida, the Shahin household was suddenly and rudely awoken by their neighbour shouting and loudly knocking on their door.

Son, Mohannad, had parked his car completely legally in front of their house but the neighbour was enraged by it.

The family did their best to defuse the situation but the neighbour continued to shout abuse.

“You’re in MY country”, the neighbour screams at the entire family in an appalling xenophobic statement with racist undertones.

The threat of the police being called triggers the exit of the neighbour and the video abruptly ends.

Mohannad said: “I was laying in my room when my brother comes rushing in telling me there’s someone knocking at the door.

“I get up and walk out to the living room to my mum scared and worried and telling my dad someone was pounding at the door.

“I hear yelling and he came out of nowhere and off the bat began cursing and yelling at my dad.

“I was about to start yelling too until he said “you’re in my country” that statement absolutely took all the words out of my mouth.

“The neighbour was angry over the fact i park my car in front of our house, that’s it.

“He began throwing Racial slurs at my family and I, cussing us out, etc.

“It isn’t illegal that i park my car in front of my house, the officer confirmed that, and our other neighbours park their cars in front of their houses too.

“I must say I was disgusted and disappointed for who he chooses to be, and that’s an ignorant, sad, lonely man.

“I don’t understand why he acted this way, It’s just all so disappointing and upsetting.”