Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

Impressive footage has emerged of two people completely surrounded by a coalition of hungry cheetahs.

The video, captured at the Harnas Wildlife Foundation in Namibia, shows a volunteer feeding donkey meet to at least a dozen big cats from the safety of a raised platform.

According to the filmer, Derek Van Heerden, the cheetahs in this particular area have very little human contact, and only deal with people at feeding time.

Feeding sessions are conducted once a day  by volunteers, with the help of a professional.

“We drive in and the volunteers get on the platform and they throw the meat to the cheetahs,” said a representative from the wildlife park.

“The volunteers are not on the ground.”

“The cheetahs each catch their own piece of meat and run away to eat it,” he continued.

Cheetahs like this usually eat every three or four days in the wild, but the wildlife park feeds them every day because it allows them to closely monitor the animals and make sure they’re all getting the energy they need.