Animals Video

By Chanel Livesey

All this desperate doggo wants to do is eat but his owner won’t allow it until he heels.

Two-year-old Labrador, Ace, was extremely excited to eat his dinner but owner, Amber Kennealy, gives the command to heel before allowing the energetic pup to tuck in.

At their home in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Ace approaches his bowl full of food but Amber tells him to heel.

Ace sits next to Amber momentarily but that split second is too much for for him as he barks and sneakily eats a couple of treats from the bowl.

Finally, with a lot of fuss and cute but petulant behaviour, Ace sits and lies down beside Amber.

A few seconds pass and Ace is rewarded for his upstanding obedience and is allowed to stuff his face full of tasty treats.

Amber said: “Ace gets so excited to eat but still listens to his commands so I wanted to share!

“Other people think it’s hilarious and wish their dog would listen like Ace!”