Life Video

By Joe McFarlane

A super-powered dead-lifter with dwarfism proves that size doesn’t matter as he displays extreme strength and determination with some hardcore workouts.

Standing at 4’5″ tall, Jeremy Michael Smith displays incredible superhuman strength with his impressive dead-lift work-outs.

The 22-year-old college student from Pennsylvania has proven time-and-time again that size truly doesn’t matter, as living with dwarfism hasn’t stopped the ambitious young man from pushing himself to extreme limits.

In comparison to Jeremy’s body weight of 132lbs, his ability to squat more than 551lbs, bench more than 235lbs and deadlift more than 240lbs are truly incredible feats of strength.

Jeremy doesn’t see his dwarfism as something that should get in his way of accomplishing what he wants in life.

Jeremy said: “Having Dwarfism does not really impact my training in the way most people would think it would.

“I obviously have to make some accommodations to the equipment that I use, but other than that nothing really stops me from working out like regular people.”

Jeremy’s love for working out started at a young age, and his passion has only grown which each passing year.

Jeremy said: “I got into lifting when I was in high school.

“I was a wrestler who was going to be Varsity in my senior year and I wanted to pack on some strength before the season so I started lifting.”

“Ever since then I have not been able to stop,” he continued.
“I feel amazing when I deadlift; the adrenaline is going and it’s like a feeling that I cannot compare to anything else.”

With Jeremy’s videos making waves online, he’s certainly caught the attention of a large audience, that he ultimately hopes to inspire.

Jeremy said: “I work out to better myself and to become the strongest possible version of myself. I hope to become one of the strongest people, dwarf or not, at 132lbs.

“Some people’s reactions to my videos are positive, while others are negative. In my mind, it’s all just about inspiring people and to give motivation to say if I can put up with this and do this so can you, there is no excuse.

“If I just impact one person and motivate one person, that’s my goal.”