Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

This woodmouse entered a bird feeder to gorge himself on the tasty seeds, but ended up trapped in the tube thanks to his enormous belly.

Emma Watts was in her garden in Woking when she saw the unfamiliar sight in her bird feeder – a fat mouse.

The mouse was small enough to enter the feeder but had stuffed its face so much that it had become too chubby to escape from the cylinder.

It was down to Emma and her friend to rescue the porky rodent by tipping the seed out carefully and allowing the mouse to exit through the end of the tube.

Once the end was exposed, the mouse was still able to dart off into the nearby bushes despite its round belly.

Emma said: “I spotted this garden mouse, not moving, inside the bird feeder.

“Was worried poor Mr Fat Mouse was dead then found it hilarious to see him in a sleepy seed coma.”

“When I went closer to look he was half asleep, having gone through the feeder hole, gorged himself, become super-fat and then been unable to get back out of the hole,” she continued.

“Even when I removed the feeder base he struggled to get his enor-mouse tummy out, but once he realised he was free he scampered off happily into the undergrowth.

“Prime example of how one needs always to be prepared and have an exit strategy and why life in moderation is important.”