By Mikey Jones

Now that’s good timing! The hilarious moment a squirrel shoved a baby owlet flying from a tree branch was captured on camera – by a BLIND photographer.

The images were snapped by budding Photographer, Christian Young, 46, from Newcastle upon Tyne when his friend invited him out to try and snap some wildlife.

PIC BY Christian Young / CATERS NEWS 

As a result of Christian being unable to see when going out and taking photographs, when he does occasionally go out, he’ll go with a friend who will act as a guide throughout his journey and let him know where to point when he wants to get the perfect shot.

Throughout the images, the owlet can be seen leaving the nest box in a tree for the first time after its mum collected food and left it just outside the nest box to temp its young to take their first steps into the open.

However, just as the owlet faces the wide world for the first time, and leaps onto a branch to feast, a squirrel appears out of nowhere and shoves the owlet out of the tree and onto the floor below, leaving the owlet looking a little lost.

PIC BY Christian Young / CATERS NEWS

It’s believed that shortly after the incident, the owlets mother attacked the squirrel and killed it, before taking its young to a new nest box.

Christian said: “I was in the house with my friend Michael when he said he was going out to shoot the owlets, so we both went – we had been there for twenty minutes when it all took place.

“It’s a hard shot to get because it’s the first time they leave the nest box, so if you miss it you can’t go back later to try again.

“Usually, the owl will head off to gather dinner for the owlets and leave it just outside so the owlets have to leave the box to avoid getting hungry.”

PIC BY Christian Young / CATERS NEWS

“As soon as the owlet came out, the squirrel just started attacking it, the owlet wasn’t strong enough to best it.”

Christian believes that shortly after the instance, the squirrel met an unfortunate end when the owlet’s mother had her say.

Christian said: “It’s a very dense wooden area and we think the parent owls killed the squirrel, but we couldn’t confirm it – based on what we heard, I think that’s what happened.”

Christian has a degenerative condition that leaves him legally blind, with his sight getting progressively worse over time.

PIC BY Christian Young / CATERS NEWS

Christian said: “Usually, how it works is my mate will point out where something is happened and guide me, then I’ll aim and take the pictures.

“Photography is a hobby I have loved for years, but obviously it’s much harder now with the loss of sight.”