Ow(l) well can you see? This perfectly camouflaged bird blends into a stone ridge.

Wildlife snapper Villager Jim captured the difficult-to-spot Little Owl perched on a rocky crag in Tideswell, Peak District, at 5.30am on Friday [May 31].

Pic by Villager Jim/Caters News

 Jim, 63, from nearby Foolow, said: “I often look out for Little Owls on walls and rocks – and isn’t this one beautiful?

“I call this game ‘Hunt the Little Owl’ – people love the fact these birds blend in so well with their amazing stony-coloured camouflage.

Pic by Villager Jim/Caters News 

“As we have at least 10 nesting sites close by, every day without fail I see one of them.

“They seem to be breeding really well up here in the Peak District National Park.”