Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

These playful pups just don’t know how to share as this cute clip shows ten of them fighting over a single cuddly toy. 

The group of Hungarian Short Hair (Vizsla) puppies were caught on camera during their amusing tug-of-war in the front room of Dagmara Krawczyk in Zajączki Drugie, Poland.

Chaos ensues as one pup grabs the toy, prompting the others to give chase, nipping at the toy in an attempt to regain it.

As they run around in circles, Dagmara tries to keep up with the action as he records the Vizslas causing comical havoc. 

The dogs embark on three-way tug-of-war as the toy is nearly ripped into shreds, while the others wander around causing mischief in the background.

Dagmara said: “Honestly, looking after 12 dogs is a really tedious work and requires a great deal of patience and determination.

“Nevertheless, if you like it as your passion, it is no burden to you and you do it with a lot of dedication.”

“My dogs give me a lot of satisfaction and energy to live, which is why everything that is connected with my work with them is a part of my life,” he continued.