Offbeat Video

By Mark Morris

Amazing footage has emerged of a brave kayaker backflipping over a dam and landing the stunt perfectly. 

The video, filmed on the Cahaba River in Birmingham, Alabama, shows Bennett Smith launching himself backwards over the lip of the dam. 

He then plunges head first into the river, before flipping a second time, and successfully landing that one too. 

Bennett has been kayaking since 2010 and is a professional whitewater kayaker but, on this occasion, he didn’t land the stunt on the first attempt. 

“My first try, I did not have elbow pads on, and I smashed my elbow on the dam,” he said. 

“I almost gave up because I realised it was risky to try something like this shortly shortly before the World Championships, but I had to seize the opportunity.” 

“I slapped on some elbow pads and went six more times, finally landing the trick,” he continued. 

Bennett is representing the USA at Freestyle Kayaking World Championships in Spain this year, where kayakers are scored on the amount of flips and tricks they can do in 45 seconds. 

“There has been a lot of innovation recently in the sport of kayaking,” he said. 

“More kayaking disciplines are being added to the Olympics, bigger rapids and waterfalls are being run, kayakers are racing faster than ever before and new intense tricks are being done.”

It is a great time to be a whitewater kayaker, and I have a couple of new innovations in mind for the sport,” he continued. 

“Although I can’t give my ‘tricks up my sleeve’ away right now, I encourage everyone stay tuned for some new innovations to hit the world of whitewater kayaking very soon”.