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By Kristiana Hall

A family who have welcomed a wild cat into the family have shared this shocking video of the animal trashing their home and getting a little too possessive over a joint of meat.

Andrey, 45, and his wife Elena, 43, the Caracal cat – called Gregory – is approaching its second birthday and weighs an impressive 25 kilos.

PIC FROM @prozhony/Caters News

The cats are usually wild and native to Africa and the middle east. 

Throughout the video, Gregory can be seen engaging with the family in a way seen by domestic cat owners and appears to be just as friendly, nurturing the other cats in the house and playing with Andrey. 

Both Andrey and Elena had wanted to get a wild cat for a long time, and after a year of researching the species, finally made their dream a  reality when they found the moggy in a Ukrainian exotic cat nursery.

PIC FROM @prozhony/Caters News

Andrey said: “We had been dreaming for a long time to have a wild cat so we studied this matter for a year or so and visited a couple of  nurseries.

“Gregory eats only fresh meat, Rabbit, Quail, Turkey and Hen, it costs between £150 and £300 a month, he doesn’t even notice usual cat food. 

“His behaviour reminds more of a dog actually, he misses us a lot when we leave, waiting near the door and kissing us when we get back.

PIC FROM @prozhony/Caters News

“This species will usually pick a single master, who they pick of their own accord, he has picked my wife as this. 

“I am more like a comrade to him, just like the other cats in the house – equal.”

Andrey has received a mixture of responses from people when showing them his amazing wild cat, the difference in response usually depends on whether someone sees Gregory in person or online.

PIC FROM @prozhony/Caters News

Andrey said: “In real life people like our cat, they often ask to take selfies with him and are friendly to him.

“The internet unfortunately reacts differently, I often face a negative response, I usually have to explain that this cat is not taken from wildlife.

“Gregory is very caring towards our other cats.”

PIC FROM @prozhony/Caters News