Animals Video

By Hollie Bone

These hilarious pictures show football-mad donkeys, sheep and goats are the latest to get behind Liverpool Football Club as Champion’s League final excitement reaches fever pitch.

The city has painted itself red in recent weeks to show their support for the club as they go head to head with Barcelona FC for the winning title.


But it isn’t just residents who believe in the British side, as animals at Rice Lane City Farm in Liverpool have joined in the fun, dawning LFC scarves and hats ahead of the match today [SAT]. 

Rice Lane City farm has more than 50 animals, including sheep, hens, goats, donkeys and cows, and 35 volunteers aged from 12 to 79.

Manager at the farm, Maria Hornsby, 64, said: “It’s just the excitement and atmosphere and all the hype in the city.


“Our young volunteers and people visiting are coming in and they’re all talking about the game getting excited so we thought it would be nice for the animals to get behind the team as well.

“All of our animals are socialised really well and a lot of them have experience being around children with learning difficulties so they’re usually not too fussed if you want to pet them or dress them up. 

“We did have one Ram who flat-refused to wear a scarf, so he must be an Everton fan.”