Video Viral

By Chris Jaffray

As Mo Salah takes to the football pitch to try and win Liverpool their sixth European Cup this weekend, he will get some support from an unusual source. 

Kelo the parrot is a huge fan of the Egyptian and has even been taught the running down the wing song by owner Linda Corry, from Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Hilarious footage shows the African Grey has learnt almost all the words – only needing prompting once.

Owner Linda, 44, said he picked up most of the worlds himself.

She said: “I’ve had Kelo since he was 13 weeks old, he’ll be five in October.

“I’m a big time fan of Liverpool, he heard the Mo Salah song and picked it up within a week.


“He knows all of the words now.”

Linda did not give a prediction over whether she and Kelo will be celebrating at this weekend.

She added: “I just don’t know how it will go, I didn’t expect them to go through against Barcelona.”